The Philosophy of Customer Service

By Robin Stone-Loftin posted 12-03-2018 14:25

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Topic: The Philosophy of Customer Service

Customer service is incredibly important to any business. A customer service philosophy is a focused mindset that comes from the leadership of your company. By implementing a philosophy that puts the customer first, you'll empower your team to deliver value to your organization. By delivering that value, high levels of customer satisfaction and retention are then realized.

Ric Mims
CJM IT Consulting
Ric Mims has more than 24 years of experience in service desk management, ITSM consulting, and operations. Ric has held various positions throughout his career, from enterprise help desk manager to VP of Operations for an outsourcer. He has also served in many capacities for HDI; he's a former HDI business associate, Strategic Advisory Board member, and speaker at numerous conferences, Forum meetings, and local chapter events. In his current role, Ric serves as CIO for CJM IT Consulting, a consultancy that builds and develops roadmaps, strategies, and technologies focused on the healthcare industry and other verticals.

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