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October Meeting Recap and Slides

By Terri Oropeza posted 11-03-2018 19:46

What a great turnout for our October 10th meeting at GoPro in San Mateo. Thanks so much to Josh Furr at GoPro for hosting our meeting location. Great Views!
October Meeting Summary - Using Data, Knowledge and Analytics to make Better Business Decisions
Mary Cruse, Director of IT Customer Service at First American Corp was great. Members learned about Shift Left Strategy and Knowledge Management. Here is a brief summary from Lam Nguyen - DeAnza Student Reporter:

Mary Cruse presented about service strategy, data strategy and managing data in a smarter way to enhance the quality of the IT service. In Service Strategy, Mary mentioned the key elements to build a plan to lead to the success. She also discussed the value of KCS™, UFFA (use-flag-fix-add) and how it helps IT teams keep track and document services in the proper way. In the data analytics deep dive, Mary reminded that the most important step to is to measure the amount of work eliminated for IT technicians in the volume of cases, time to resolve and work shifted to the lowest cost of support. In addition to shifting work to lower levels of support, Mary also introduced a customer training program to improve the Customer Experience. The outcome was increased customer satisfaction and improved self-service.