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HDI Awards Series: Seeds of Today become Flowers of Tomorrow

RecognitionSeries-02.jpg In order for a seed to become a flower, it needs nourishment over time from the soil, water and light. A seed that receives the right combination of these will bloom one day. Leave out a form of nourishment, and the seed won't grow. In fact, the seed may remain just a seed.

When we talk about recognizing a team member, we're really talking about nourishing their professional self so that they can flourish and grow to their potential in their career. It may take a while for them to develop their skills and they may change organizations over time, but one day they'll be in full bloom. Recognizing a team member and their strengths as well as the value they add at your organization is like shining light on a seed. When recognition is combined with their skills and talents, they have the potential to grow into a flourishing professional. As depicted in Carolyn Dube's art journal, "All the flowers of all the tomorrows are in the seeds of today".

DanielleBerado.jpgIn 2016, we shined a light on one Boston College team "seed", Danielle Berado. Danielle's manager at the time, Shanna Ashby Gilberg, took the time to craft a nomination that won her the HDI New England Analyst of the Year. It was such a stellar nomination, Danielle went on to become the Northeast Region Analyst of the Year and was a national finalist at the May 2017 HDI Conference. Shanna saw in her a strong dedication to the customer experience, a drive to go above and beyond, and the potential for so much more.

We followed up with Danielle to see where she's at today in her career, one year later. "While I did not win the national award, I met some amazing people in the industry at the conference who I anticipate will be great connections in the future." She went on to say, "The recognition of receiving the Analyst of the Year award helped immensely when I applied to be the Emerging Technology Analyst for Boston College," a role she started in June of 2017. In her new role, she ensures there is no disruption to the work of those she supports when new operating systems and technologies come to campus.

The HDI New England Chapter is grateful our members take the time to recognize their champion team members. We aim for a colorful garden of flowers from the seeds of today!