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HDI Awards Series: The Power of Recognition


The ballroom was full.  There were over 2,500 people in the room.  I was in awe of my fellow finalists.  Michael worked for a Children’s Hospital and Shanna for an Ivy league University.  I not only respected them, but I truly liked them – they were good people, stand outs in their field.  I felt honored to be in their company at this event.  Together, we three were chosen to compete as finalists for the HDI Manager of the Year award at the HDI Global HDI 2016 Manager of the Year WinnerConference.  It all seemed unreal. 

The lights dimmed and the embarrassing videos taken the day before began to play on the jumbotron.  I was cold and nervous, but my husband took my hand and beamed with pride – he was more confident than I was about my chances.  When they announced the winner and my name was called – my first thoughts were of my fellow finalists – I went to them and embraced them (the crowd could wait).  They were so deserving  . . .  how could it be me? 

I went to the stage and was overcome by emotion.  What struck me most was that my team took the time and effort to submit a nomination for me for this award.  It is a powerful enough thing to be recognized by a mentor, a supervisor or a peer, but to be nominated by your team . . . there are no words for the power of that.  It was a seismic event for me – it rocked me to the core and filled me with more pride of them than anything else.  They understood the value of recognition.  They didn’t hesitate, they acted.  They worked together and made something magical happen.  I couldn’t be more proud . .  . of them and what they did for me.  It was truly humbling. And quite Powerful.

Mike_and_Marie_HDI_MOY.jpgIn fact, I was so overcome, that I thanked my professional “families” <see video> and completely forgot to thank my husband, Michael, for his tremendous support and my “home team” (Emily, Elizabeth and Anthony) for their unending support of my career and professional volunteer activities.

During the HDI Awards Nomination season, I invite you to consider the power of recognition.  Consider what an award nomination could mean for someone on your team – or even your team leader.  It takes just a few minutes of your time – but consider for a moment the impact on the recipient.  Maybe they don’t realize the impact their good work has on those around them, or their customers?  Maybe they don’t know how much their efforts are appreciated? What a tragedy it would be if they never knew.  That could all change with one nomination. 

Don’t wait – act now!  Nominate someone deserving today: