Kick it into Gear!

When:  May 17, 2018 from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM (PT)
Associated with  Sacramento
We have an amazing conference lined up, choose from an informative mix of content-rich sessions across multiple tracks focused on People, Processes and Technology.  Learn from industry experts how to streamline your IT Operations and maximize performance with minimal resources.  Why Attend Conference?  To evaluate advances in industry technology, meet speakers and sponsors, network with other peers and practitioners, and participate in our illustrious prize giveaway.  Come Learn, Experience, Network, and Grow in the Industry!


Living in the Disruption Economy: Why Our Customers are Screaming for Change and We’re Still Not Listening
Presented by Julie Mohr

As we progress as a society from the knowledge economy through the disruption economy, our customers are becoming more vocal about what they want and need from their service providers. No longer are customers willing to put up with bureaucratic and lethargic global enterprises who are slow to change and create unnecessary friction for the consumer. Customers are voting with their currency, choosing Uber over taxis, Amazon over the department store, Airbnb over hotels, and Netflix over the network TV station. If we are not careful in IT, we will also become extinct. We need to develop strategies that innovate, reduce friction and stop waiting for our customers to come to us. And knowledge is the key to our success.

Workplace 2025: What's Your Future Staffing Strategy
Presented by Heather Johnston - District President - Robert Half: Technology Staffing Services

What does the workplace look like in 2025? And, how will emerging technologies of today impact the way we perform our jobs tomorrow? This presentation will look at key technology trends taking place across industries and highlights up-and-coming tech jobs of the future. It also discusses how leaders can be more strategic in their search for tech talent and how to assess the skills required to manage the evolving staffing needs that come with a digital transformation.

Getting the Most Out of Your Service Catalog and Portfolio
Presented by Luke Smith - Senior Solutions Architect - Cherwell  

Service Catalogs are often the first experience our customers have with us. Come learn how to create and optimize your Service Catalogs and Portfolios so you can offer a better customer experience. We are going to dive into the do’s and don’ts of Service based models so that we can better understand how to manage and align with our customers.

How to Survive the Wild Wild Web
Presented by Keson Khieu, CISSP, PMP

In this informative security talk, Keson will walk through how the Internet works in order to point out potential weak points where common and lethal cyber-attacks may be mounted to affect you, your family, your company or your customers. Keson will show you the danger of your cell phones, your security camera, your thermostat, your TV, your digital assistants such as’s Echo, Google Home, Apple’s HomePod. More importantly, Keson will show you how to protect yourself, your family and your company. You will experience 3 important security authentications to choose from: Something You Know, Something You Have, and Something You Are.

Flash Memory Failed? Now What?
Presented by Jim Wilhelmsen - SSD Recovery Specialist

How volatile are SSDs and flash memory? What are some Do’s and Don’ts? Can data be recovered when all else seems lost? Join Jim Wilhelmsen for an interactive discussion on the technology behind flash memory, best practices and how to handle related help desk calls.

Employee Training - Getting It Right Every Time
Presented by Terri Oropeza

The help desk is often the place careers begin in IT – hiring college grads or internal transfers with some technical knowledge. Learn how to develop a dynamic and interactive training site using SharePoint to create and manage learning guides and other modules.This approach ensured that every help desk team member is a real-time instructor, training new support admins while also increasing individual and collective available knowledge and expertise.

Modern Service Desk: Working from Anywhere
Presented by Josh Long - Senior Technical Manager, IT Solution Architect

As virtualization and cloud have taken hold, IT support has changed. Traditionally, technicians and engineers had to be in proximity to the users and hardware they supported. Today, that expertise can often reside in other locations. Along with key benefits, this can bring business and technical challenges. Explore this rapidly growing approach to support as Josh shares from his experience designing, implementing, and supporting tools and infrastructure that make it successful.

Various Approaches to Managing Projects
Presented by Brad Mahaney PMP, CSM, ACC

All organizations have projects, with many attempting to run hundreds of projects concurrently.  The proper project management of these projects is critical to the organization’s bottom line.  The competitive landscape has been changing, and organizations cannot wait two or three years for the release of a product.  During the session, we will be discussing some of the project management approaches currently used by organizations and where we may be going in the future.

iPhones and iPads Everywhere! How do you Manage Them?

Presented by Jose Castillo

Today many companies and government agencies are adopting a mobile first strategy.  They are turning to iPads and iPhones for their work force. Apple has developed tools like Apple VPP and APPLE DEP that lets IT manage apps, track devices and update software.  Bringing together a Mobile Device Management solution with Apple DEP and Apple VPP, gives the end user fell like they’re using their own device. 



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