Future Sponsors

You are already aware of the global power of the HDI brand. Now you have the opportunity to take advantage of that power at the local level. Skyway HDI provides a unique opportunity to network, target and reach a dynamic group of IT Customer Service and Support industry leaders and share your organization’s brand and key message. Just one opportunity will provide immediate returns and payback on your investment.

We have over 500 contacts, many of whom are management level, and represent some of the Tampa areas most prestigious companies. The monthly chapter meetings are informational and educational in nature and provide education to the membership on best practices, the latest tools and technologies, and to share experiences with their peers. We average 25 plus attendees per meeting. Both our membership and meeting attendance grows monthly. In addition, we are marketing to and drawing new members from LinkedIn and Twitter, providing an even higher return on your sponsorship dollars.

Specifically, our Skyway Chapter of HDI conducts activities six times a year, including guest speakers, roundtables, panel discussions and our special annual event, the “Analyst of the Year Award Ceremony”. Skyway HDI (www.hdiskyway.com) is a registered non-profit organization and depends heavily on our sponsor's support to produce these remarkable events.
Skyway HDI is managed by experienced and influential volunteers from the service and support industry. Our Board of Directors is currently comprised of six elected officers and will increase again by the end of 2018.