What HDI means to me.

By anthony orr posted 01-16-2019 14:30

There is no better feeling than the feelings of helping another person and the feeling of achieving a personal goal in life.

The key word is "Help" as in Help Desk Institute. Although, HDI is more than its acronym. The people that are apart of this organization are unique in their ability to put their hearts knowledge and time forward in helping others. The Houston HDI team is outstanding. President John F. Kennedy, said "Ask not what your country can do for you, but for what you can do for your country". We at HDI, say simply 'Ask what you can do for others". Our meetings are all about people, improving their work capabilities, knowledge, opportunities, and improving their lives. This is not just at the Houston HDI, but all HDI's across the country. Today, become apart of the solution, you never know how you can help change a persons life or your own life. 

Service Management is not just the technology but more about people and helping society do things better. This is what we are about. The ability to GIVE is our greatest ability and changes our lives too. 

Anthony Orr
Proud HDI Houston Board member