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A New Year Resolution, by Priscilla Smith


In reflecting on the new year and new ways of working at my company, I have to consider how ITIL will continue to merge and work with Agile process and how this will create a DevOps environment development and operations can work with and appreciate.  Our challenge continues to be to reduce cycle time and respond quickly while still creating value and improvements for the customer while adhering to processes that work for everyone. 
The process is essential as processes are repeatable and essential in measuring effectiveness and efficiencies and to continue to improve.  So, the new year’s resolution will be to break down our ITIL processes to deliver them in increments alongside our Agile developers quickly and embrace a process control based on valid/documented observations and experimentation!  Happy New Year colleagues!  See you in 2019!

Priscilla_Smith.jpgPriscilla Smith

Global Center Service Delivery Manager