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HDI Award Series: And the winner is….??


RRS.jpegHDI New England is happy to announce our local chapter winner of Analyst of the Year is Rachel Riley-Schafer, Service Desk Student Supervisor at Worcester Polytechnic Institute in Worcester, MA. Rachel provides frontline and VIP support to faculty, staff and students. She supervises and trains about 40 student workers at the university. In addition to managing the frontline, she collaborates with other staff at the IT Service Desk on the development of knowledge used in resolving incidents.

Nominating Rachel is her manager, Kevin Wheeler, IT Service Desk Manager. He states, “There is no technical challenge too great for Rachel to overcome. Her can-do attitude means that there is no knowledge-gap too great for her to cross. When working with a new piece of technology or software, Rachel goes above and beyond to learn what she can, but then takes the extra step to document the knowledge, and process that she used to find it.”

When asked about working in customer service, Rachel said “I really enjoy talking with people and getting to know their stories. When working with technology, sometimes there are a lot of gaps like when you're waiting for something to download or install. I enjoy conversing with the varied, wide range of faculty and staff who work at WPI. Hearing where they are from, what research they're doing, and the projects they're working on, that is the most rewarding part about working in customer service. Building those connections is a lot of fun.”

Kevin mentions Rachel’s creativity in how she motivates and trains student workers, “Rachel brings years of coaching experience to her position. She has effectively applied her coaching skills to student staff development.  She developed a creative, team-based incentive program for the student staff which boosted productivity, morale, and customer satisfaction. In ‘The House Cup’, student staff earn points for their [Harry Potter themed] teams in key areas of incident resolution such as: going ‘above and beyond’, team encouragement, and project contributions. Points are deducted for things like: incomplete ticket information, shift tardiness, or missed shifts. The House Cup program keeps student staff engaged, encourages teamwork and has helped to identify individual performance improvement needs to inform targeted training.”

We wish Rachel the best as her nomination is considered for the Northeast Region Analyst of the Year!!