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HDI Award Series: Top 5 Reasons to Nominate


Sara CookAs a seasoned HDI board member serving the chapters in Atlanta and New England for the last 9 years, I have witnessed how the recognition from leaders or peers has impacted the hiring process in IT. I’ve been working for firstPRO, an IT staffing firm that places professionals in the areas of development, infrastructure, and a heavy focus in IT support, for over 8 years. We handle contract, contract to hire and direct hire positions. Our relationship with HDI has been rewarding over the years as we place many qualified candidates both as a sponsor and a board member. 

I’d like to share with you the Top 5 Reasons you need to nominate an analyst for the HDI Awards today.

1. Hire and Retain valued employees:

IT is a hot market and that is not changing anytime soon. It is a candidate’s market so anything you can do to make your company/team stand out will help when expanding your team or retaining workers. Taking the time to recognize a superstar and nominate them for an award is a selling point. You are helping to build their career and giving them a shot at attending the national HDI conference.

2. Team building:

It not only builds a stronger relationship with that employee when you nominate him or her, but other members of their team could attend the awards event to show their gratitude and support of their co-worker. Being appreciated by your team in addition to your manager is key to good morale at your organization. In December we recognize each nominee and announce the winners at an event at Kings Bowling. Bring your team and seize an opportunity to bring them together for a little healthy competitive bowling!

3. Strengthen your management skills:

As a manager, recognizing staff creates a unique opportunity to work on skills that your company may not offer. Crafting a nomination to highlight what your team member is doing right to get the job done contributes to effective performance reviews. HDI also has a Manager of the Year award, as mentioned in a recent blog post on the "power of recognition" by Marie DiRuzza, 2016 HDI Manager of the Year. If your Analysts are more aware of HDI and all of the awards, you may find your team will recognize you!

4. Opportunity to shine a spotlight on your team:

Recognizing individuals as they partner with their team members shows the importance of your team’s job to the rest of your company. If your analysts know that you plan on nominating someone that might give them a little more motivation and work a little harder.

5. It’s Free:

Many of my clients talk to me about what is in their budget and what is not. Typically, extras like team building workshops and award ceremonies are not at the top of the list for how to spend their limited funds. Nominating someone takes your time (which I know is also money) but HDI manages the event costs and the award they take home. The regional winner gets a free conference registration, valued at approximately $2,300, and a stipend for expenses to compete against the other finalists.

Starting the nomination process is quick and easy from our website. If you are a current member log in but if you are not a member simply create an account to begin your nomination. This is the first year non-members can nominate someone. Feel free to reach out to me is you have any questions regarding the process, Start your nomination today!​