Chapter President

Position Overview:

Local Chapter president shall lead, manage and direct the chapter in a professional and business-like manner.   You are the “champion” of your chapter and will focus on making your chapter the leading professional association for IT service and technical support in your geographic area.


Essential position functions

  • Leads chapter meetings and/or assigns to other officers to lead meetings
  • Ensures regular review of chapter bylaws, including adherence as well as on time submission of chapter deliverables.
  • Ensures officer positions are held by engaged individuals
  • Represents the chapter on all official matters
  • Takes steps to ensure that all officers abide by HDI’s LC Policies & Procedures Agreement
  • Hold regular board meetings
  • Fill in for other officers as needed
  • Make an effort to attend and encourage other officers to attend the annual Officers’ Summits
  • Represent the IT service and technical support industry in a knowledgeable and professional manner
  • Foster growth and mentor other officers


Officer Requirements:

  • Ability to attend 75% of meetings. RSVP promptly and accurately to meeting invites.
  • Responsive to fellow officers, members and potential members. Respond to Chapter related e-mails and inquiries within 2 business days.
  • Sufficient time to dedicate to a volunteer position. Estimated time for this position is 15 hours per month.
  • Commitment to share knowledge through updates and posting of articles to CHKR, the centralized shared knowledge repository for HDI Local Chapter Officers.
  • Team leader and team player. Fill in for other officer positions as needed.


Meetings may include:

  • Chapter Member Meetings:
  • Chapter Board Meeting:
  • Regional Officer’s Conference Call
  • Local Chapter Officer’s Conference Call – Monthly 1st Wednesday
  • The officers meeting at Annual Conference
  • Annual Local Chapter Officer’s Summit
  • Monthly President’s call: - Last Tuesday of the Month